About the Project

The Target

To give 6000 computers in 2016 and gradually increase the number of computers given out to 10,000 a year.
  • A new computer in the child's home
  • Sixty hours of training, for the child and his/her parents
  • A set of software applications, including educational software
  • Internet connection for 6 months
  • Warranty and technical support for 3 years
  • Economic circumstances that do not allow the family to purchase a computer (and they do not have one at home
  • Children in grades 2 – 8
  • The children are studying in a school recognized by the Ministry of Education


The following parties are co-funding the project:
  • The Association, through fundraising
  • The Prime Minister's Office
  • The local authorities
    (differentially, according to their place on the socio-economic scale as defined in the "clusters" of the National Bureau of Statistics.)
  • The children's families
    (with a marginal sum of NIS 270)

The process choosing the children 

Locating and choosing the children is accomplished by the local authorities, through a steering committee that is appointed by the mayor and whose members include representatives of the Education Department, the local Welfare department and a representative of either the public or the parents' committee. The committee has before it the Association's criteria and recommendations by the relevant schools and welfare authorities.

Surveys to verify the children chosen
In order to verify that the children chosen indeed comply with the criteria, we visit the homes of about half of the children chosen.


Training is carried out by a professional training company
that was carefully selected in advance through a tender.
Training sessions are carried out in groups of 15 children. The local authorities are responsible for allocating computer classrooms and the necessary equipment. Distributing the computer packages
Distribution is done by the computer and Internet companies selected in advance through a tender. All computers have the relevant software installed on them prior to distribution to the children's homes.

Surveys and research

In order to review the project's achievements and effects, we conduct periodical research, surveys and house calls.


The entire process, including the extent to which service providers and suppliers meet their obligations, is controlled and audited by an external auditing company.

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