Researchs and Surveys

Our Impact

Relevant researchand surveys carried out among the children taking part in the project, conducted by a research group headed by Prof.

Nava Ben Zvi and the Geocartography Institute, have concluded that the project has succeeded in achieving its chief goals:

Computer use

The overwhelming majority (97%) of children who received a computer, continue to use a computer.

Frequency of use

The overwhelming majority (over 90%) of children use the computer on a daily basis.


About 90% of the children are connected to the Internet. This is an impressive figure considering that after half a year (from the date of being given the computer) the family itself must pay for the connection.

Level of computer literacy

The children's level of computer skills after receiving the computer and the training, has risen significantly. 80% of the children report a high level of computer literacy after the course, compared to 25% before it.

Effect on image and achievements

Over 60% of interviewees stated that their participation in the project brought about an improvement in their academic achievements and in their social status in class.

Computer use by family members

About 80% of interviewees stated that their siblings also use the computer. About a third of interviewees reported that their parents use it, too.

Independent coping with computer problems

The longer the computer has been in the family, the higher thepercentage of children reporting that they have been able to deal independently with various computer problems without contacting the support call center. Moreover, many of the children in the project deal independently with technical aspects of their computer, at a ratio that is higher compared to the control group whose computers were bought for them by their parents.


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